URGENT Field Safety Notice OnSite AED Adult & Pediatric Pads made by Philips

Philips has announced the attached Urgent Field Safety Notice regarding OnSite Adult (M5071A) and Infant/Child Pads (M5072A) for use with the OnSite/HS1/Home AEDs that they may experience gel separation from the back or the pad or reduction of gel surface area.

The gel separation problem has occurred in 115 instances out of 5 million pads shipped or a 0.002% occurrence. Philips does not currently have a solution to the problem, but when they do you will be notified and a replacement set of adult pads will be provided for AEDs that are less than 10 years old and pediatric pads that are not expired will be replaced.

Please communicate the instructions attached to your associates, so they are informed and know how to proceed during a rescue.

Please review the attached document and complete and sign the last page and return it to us via fax to 727-541-5990 or email it to


Please go to to read the full notice on their website!

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